Scavenger Hunt Photos



Turn around in Italy, and you will find another gorgeous view.

Too often, we automatically reach for our camera or phone to take photos. It would be easy to spend all our time in Italy taking pictures, and miss experiencing the moment. We decided to focus our photography on certain items—a photographic scavenger hunt of sorts. In each city, we searched for a bridge, a dome, a campanile, a fountain, a market, a column, a symbol of the city. And baby angels!

Taking away the distraction of the camera allows us to be in the moment, and not behind a lens.

Before our trip to Italy, my traveling companion and I discussed cameras. I wanted to capture the experience in photos. He wanted photos to share with family and friends. His Pixel phone takes great pictures, and he was satisfied with the convenience of pulling out his phone whenever the mood struck. My iPhone also takes great pictures, but the thought of fumbling with it many times a day sounded too stressful, especially with the tourist crowds in Italy. And no way did I want to haul around my DSLR.

My solution was to bring a point and shoot camera, a Nikon Coolpix. I used a thin metal cable to keep the camera tethered to my bag, or wear around my neck if needed. I was free to concentrate on photography without worrying about dropping my phone or having it snatched out of my hands. I had the capability of taking high resolution photos. And with a zoom lens, I could get close-ups or over-the-crowd shots that I couldn’t with a phone camera.

Here are some of our favorite scavenger hunt finds:





City Symbols

The Winged Lion of Venice, the Florentine Fleur-de-Lis, the Roman She-Wolf are all


Beautiful bridges graced each city we visited in Italy. These four are rightly famous for

Ornate Ceilings

Look up in Italy. Look up at soaring heights of architecture. Look up at heavily decorated

Renaissance Design

The Renaissance started in Florence in the 14th century, before spreading throughout the

Venetian Windows

The windows of Venice are arched in the Venetian Gothic style that combines Byzantine,

Beautiful Fountains

Three coins in a fountain Each one seeking happiness Thrown by three hopeful lovers Which


Across Venice, Florence, and Rome, piazzas are punctuated by campanile. These 


Putti, naked baby cherubs or cupids, are common in Renaissance art.


In Venice, Florence, and Rome, columns abound, mainly of the Corinthian order.

Ancient Ruins

Rome is a city of layers, with one civilization built upon the remains of another.

Italy Up-Close

Beauty is in the details. These close-up views reveal the charm, artful arrangements, and


Peppy scooters are perfect for whizzing around Italy’s narrow streets.

Epic Art Works

Museums and Churches in Italy are full of major art works. Here are a few of the highlights


Italy is a land of history, art, and faith. With soaring ceilings, majestic artwork, and 

Grand Canal

Venice’s main drag, the Grand Canal, is photogenic from every angle.

Colossal Doors

Things are bigger in Italy: Cathedrals, Sculptures, Domes. In Italy, doors are really big.


Fresh local ingredients are the main feature of many memorable meals in Eataly.


If you really want to feel the pulse of a city, go to the market. You might rub shoulders with


We were able to see a bit of the gorgeous Italian countryside on route between cities, and 

Iconic Domes

Each city on our tour was crowned by an iconic dome, or two, each beautiful in its own


Ancient Romans were skilled at the art of mosaic, producing intricate patterns and stylized